Clients Share Their Stories

Sara saved us!

"Sara saved us!  We bought a house unexpectedly close to our wedding date.  We moved in two weeks prior to getting married and we were extremely busy working and preparing for our wedding.  We relied heavily on Sara to help us pack up one house (one of us had all of our belongings in storage) and to unpack two houses as we moved into our new home.  Sara helped us organize our stuff in our new home as we had a house blessing and dinner party two nights before our wedding day.   She helped us get rid of stuff we didn't need and helped us make donations to charities and scheduled pick-ups.  Sara is a very easy person to be around. She is non-intrusive and pleasant, and she worked extremely hard to help us get our new home ready for out-of-town wedding guests.  We couldn't recommend anyone more highly.”

-SJ & JL , Los Angeles, CA 

Sara has changed my life.

“I was very lucky when I stumbled upon Sara Getzkin.  Sara has changed my life.  I no longer ransack numerous boxes and bags of papers looking for that bill or receipt.  She helped me create a system so I no longer spend hours searching in frustration. Now, I file my bills away in folders.    It has taken several meetings, but I can say today I'm organized instead of chaotic.   

As I begin to remodel my home, Sara will be helping me create a system so the remodel and its multiple layers of plans, purchase orders, receipts, and items received will all be organized – so I don't lose my mind in the process.  

Today, paperwork no longer overwhelms my life.  I control the paperwork and the chaos is gone!!”

-BE , Monrovia, CA

Thank you, Sara!

“Sara is an indispensable asset when it comes to moving and organizing a home. A few years ago, we moved from another country to California. What a relief it was to arrive at our new house and have the entire kitchen unpacked, in order and ready to use! When we moved again, Sara organized our donations to charities, the packing, the movers, the unpacking and controlled what might have otherwise been utter chaos if we had not hired her. Thank you, Sara! You are amazing.  You need your own show!”

-LG, Moorpark, CA

Sara was solid, calm and non-judgmental

“I’d especially like to praise Sara for organizing all of my papers pertinent to a potential bankruptcy (which was quite a scary time), and putting me in touch with a legal resource who assisted me in preparing for my court date. That time was incredibly frightening, and Sara was solid, calm, and non-judgmental.”

-KR, Marina Del Rey, CA


She is a continual source of support for me.

Sara and I have worked together for many years.  She has been the person that has helped me get my old home ready to sell.  No easy task, since I was there for 30 years.  It is hard for me to put into words everything she has done, but they include packing up the old home, helping me sell and or donate many items from the home, placing ads, and finding liquidators, being here when I needed her through all that.  She also was instrumental in transferring all utilities, terminating old accounts, setting up new ones (since I was now a widow it was like starting all over), The day of the move, she took charge of everything because I was an emotional mess.  I honestly do not think I would have survived the whole process without Sara there with me.

I have been here a few years now, but Sara and I get together at least once a month if not more, because she is a continual source of support for me.  I can call her at 5 PM in the afternoon and ask her if she knows where such and such is and she ALWAYS knows where the item is.  I sometimes don't think I can function without her.  She helps with documents, bookkeeping, taxes, bill pay and the list goes on.  She even helps hang pictures, and teaches me how to use the space I have efficiently. But the biggest plus is - she loves my animals!

-IS, Thousand Oaks, CA